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Extra Revenue Stream… and the Chance to Fulfill Your Dreams: The Benefits of a Side Job

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Whether you’re looking for extra money for anything from necessities to niceties, or you are pursuing a passion that your 9-to-5 just isn’t satisfying, a side job can be a rewarding life experience. Here are a few benefits to doing your own thing after hours:


You’re meeting new people. A new industry – especially if it’s a personal passion you’re pursuing – brings with it a new set of people. This can be great not just for your social life, but also for networking: you could be meeting people who could help turn your side job into a new full-time career (or could introduce you to people who can).


You’re using new skills. A side job means you’re likely exercising different skills than in your 9-to-5 job. This not only builds your resume, but it might also open up opportunities to move up at your full-time company, and be seen as someone who is not afraid to take risks and try new things.


You’re staying diversified. We all know that a 9-to-5 job is never completely secure… even if you’re the best employee in the best company. A side job will keep income coming if tougher times hit.


You’re taking the reins. You should be proud of yourself – whether it’s helping with the bills or helping you pursue a passion, your choice to take a side job is a laudable one. Others may be catching up on Game of Thrones while you’re toiling away, and some days, things will be tiring and frustrating. But the feeling of knowing you’re shaping your own life is ultimately rewarding and will pay off professionally and personally.



Finally, just a few potential caveats. You don’t want to take a side job that jeopardizes your full-time one. To that end, make sure it isn’t a conflict of interest (i.e., if your job is in marketing at a software firm, it’s almost certain you can’t moonlight in marketing at another software firm). If you’re unsure whether your part-time job will be a conflict, consult your original on-boarding paperwork or ask HR. And finally, you don’t want to exhaust yourself. If your side job is making you too mentally or physically tired to be effective at your day job, it may not be worth it.


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