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Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

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One of the best feelings after weeks (or even months) of searching for a new job, is finally getting a response of interest.  That excitement can quickly turn to anxiety when you realize they want to schedule a phone call with you ASAP! Now what? We have some tips and techniques that will be sure to help you ace your next interview and make it to Round 2.

  1. Know Your Resume:  You will most likely be asked to take the interviewer through your resume. Be ready to discuss any transitions or breaks in your job history. The interviewer may be looking for red flags so be ready to tell him or her why you may have left an organization. They may ask you about one or two bullet points on your resume. Give brief answers and if you still feel they need more information, you can always ask, “would you like me to provide greater detail?”


  1. It’s More Than Your Answers: Your interviewer isn’t just looking for certain answers. He or she will also be judging your self-confidence, how articulate you are, and your overall ability to communicate effectively. Believe it or not, you should stand. Standing up during a phone interview can give your voice a more energetic tone.  Don’t feel you have to rush every answer- there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to collect your thoughts. You want to convene a level of calmness and self-assurance and rushing can make you sound nervous.


  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare:  Besides knowing your resume inside out, try to learn as much about the interviewer and the company as possible. Don’t assume the interview will be all about your job history. You may get questions such as “Why are you interested in working with us?” or “How much do you about our latest acquisition or growth?” The more you know, the more your enthusiasm for the role will shine through.


  1. Listen: The interviewer has plenty to say so be sure to listen. Don’t start speaking until the interviewer is no longer talking. You can take notes during the call and jot down ideas that you want to bring up later. You can also follow-up after the e-mail with additional thoughts or questions. Interrupting the interviewer will certainly set a negative tone for the rest of the call.


  1. Simple Things:  While these may seem obvious, there a few simple rules to remember. If using a cell phone, make sure you are in an area with good reception and no distractions. Don’t smoke (duh!), don’t chew gum (you’d be surprised), and don’t eat (ever). However, you may want to keep a glass of water handy in case the conversation goes long and you need to wet your whistle. Speak slowly and enunciate. Smile- believe it or not, a smile will project a more positive tone. And, of course, say thank you!

If you need some additional assistance, our tenured staff is more than willing to assist you along the way.  As one of the largest professional search firms and temporary staffing agencies, we know a thing or two about phone interviews and we would love to help you.  Call us today!


Author: MJ Morgan Group

Nestled in Federal Hill, MJ Morgan Group is one of the “Largest Professional Search Firms in the Baltimore Area," as awarded by Baltimore Business Journal. We have the reach of a large firm and the flexibility of a small business. We’re ready to provide you with a unique solution for your unique situation. Our Services: • Professional Placement • Temporary Staffing • Contract to Hire • Payrolling • And More! Our Specialties: • Accounting • Administrative • IT • Light Industrial • Marketing • Sales • And More!

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