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Turn on the Job Seeking Switch

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You’ve been daydreaming about that new job for months, maybe years, so what exactly are you waiting for? There is never a good time to start looking for a new job. Turn on the motivation and get into a resume writing state of mind with these 5 tips.

  1. Know Your Goals: Before you start any job search, you should identify your goals. Think about what you want both now and in the future. Focus on writing 3-5 goals based on what you desire from your future profession. Base these goals on what you enjoy doing, how you want to feel, and your skills and knowledge. Pin these goals in a place you can see every day so you can find inspiration each time you read them.
  1. Make Time and Space: Chances are you will begin your job search while you are already employed. Set aside time each week after work hours to focus only on the steps necessary to begin your job search. Work on your cover letter, update your resume, and research future employers. If you work better alone, find a quiet spot in your home. If you like the hustle and bustle of people, go to your local coffee shop. Wherever you choose to work, commit to doing so for a little every week until you are ready to start applying.
  1. Find Support: Job searches can be overwhelming. Preparing for a job search can be even harder. Get help from your inner circle (not your current co-workers). Ask your friends or family members to be an extra set of eyes for your resume. Or lean on them when you feel stuck or frustrated. We all need a little push. Make your support system aware of the goals you set so they can help move you along when you are feeling stuck. You don’t have to do it alone.
  1. Get Social: When you need some inspiration to start or continue a job search, hop online. With a click of the mouse, you will find motivational quotes, resume writing tips, and even tutorial videos on how to find your dream job. Pinterest is a great social media site when you need to capture ideas. Create a private board (we don’t want your current employer to see it) for your job search and pin any ideas that stick out to you. Just don’t announce your plans on Facebook or LinkedIn unless you have already made it clear to your current company that you intend on leaving.
  1. Take a Break: You most likely aren’t going to decide you are ready for a new job and then start applying the next day. Take your time to complete small tasks every day to get to your goal. And when you feel frustrated take a day off and take a break. Your brain needs rest to be creative and you will need all the creativity you can muster to create a breakthrough in your career. Like the wise ones always say, “it’s the journey, not the destination.” With a little time, you will find yourself right where you want to be.

If you need some additional assistance, our tenured staff is more than willing to assist you along the way.  As one of the largest professional search firms and temporary staffing agencies, we know a thing or two about starting a job search and we would love to help you.  Call us today!


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Nestled in Federal Hill, MJ Morgan Group is one of the “Largest Professional Search Firms in the Baltimore Area," as awarded by Baltimore Business Journal. We have the reach of a large firm and the flexibility of a small business. We’re ready to provide you with a unique solution for your unique situation. Our Services: • Professional Placement • Temporary Staffing • Contract to Hire • Payrolling • And More! Our Specialties: • Accounting • Administrative • IT • Light Industrial • Marketing • Sales • And More!

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