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A Little Advice for Changing Careers

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You spent four years studying a major you thought you loved only to graduate and realize you would much rather do something else. Or maybe you’ve been in a career for several years that you just aren’t passionate about. Now what?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Career change statistics suggest that the average person will make 5-7 career changes during their working life. That’s a lot of change. Here are some tips that will make the transition easier.

Ask Yourself Why: It’s important for you to reflect and examine why you want a change. While it may seem simple, you need to understand why you are unhappy in your current job.  If the answer is more about something happening internal at your job (you can’t stand your boss or co-workers), the solution may be less about changing careers and more about finding a better environment or talking to your manager.

Ask for Help: Once you decide you truly want to make a change, learn to ask for help. Change is hard and entering a new field can be even more difficult without assistance. Use your network to connect with new people and decision makers who may help you get your foot in the door. Use social media and networking groups to spread the word about your talents and what you are looking in your next career. You will find people willing to advocate for you.

Be Practical and Patient: Take it one day at a time. If you need more education to change careers, take one class at a time. You don’t want to overspend or overcommit while looking to make a change. Depending where you are in your current career, making a big change also takes patience. You might have to enter into an entry level role to get more experience before finally getting to where you want to be. Take it slow or you will find yourself discouraged.

Take a Break:  It takes a lot of hustle to make a change. Give yourself time to enjoy the journey. When it gets frustrating, turn your attention to hobbies or family members. Take a trip. Take a time-out. Do whatever necessary to stay energized and happy.

Don’t Give Up: A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, as they say. Keep focused on your goal, check-in with yourself to make sure it still feels right, and enjoy the journey. You will have set-backs, but that just means you are doing something right. If the change is important enough, you will find ways to stick with it.

And remember, if you need some additional assistance, our tenured staff is more than willing to help you along the way. We are driven by the desire to help you reach your full potential



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